Hi, I’m Ken the Game Dev Professor. I educate, make, and learn.

As an academic, I came to the Digital Media and Design department to engage in research and start the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design program from scratch, now ranked 1st in the state of Connecticut and 19th in the nation according to the 2021 Animation Career Review. From a research perspective, I have been a Primary Investigator on grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, The National Institute of Health, The National Science Foundation, and several awards internal to UConn. My current focus is on delivering humanities content to public audiences through interactive VR narratives.

My current work involves designing and directing Beyond Nuremberg, which brings to life 1st hand documents, witness testimony, and other archival documents through the lens of the Nuremberg Trials and related events. My work holds a mirror up to countries on the road to fascism and unpacks the lead-up to the events of WWII and how a group of Nazi war criminals manipulated the public into committing crimes against humanity.

  • When I’m not developing new syllabi, teaching, or researching, you can find me supporting UConn programs, including:
  • MFA Student advisor,
  • the Big East Esports administrator,
  • DMD Early College Experience program administrator to high schools across the state of CT.

As a game developer, I have directed game projects from start to finish, focusing on Game Design, Level Design, and Production. In addition, I’ve worked with publishers such as SEGA, Electronic Arts, and Activision on blockbuster franchises such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Madagascar, and Shrek.

My work in the video game industry has received Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Award for best video game, Indie Game of the Year, and Innovation Awards from multiple sources. I work with students on creating engaging gameplay experiences and pushing the boundaries of play.

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