1. Brian Kelleher

    This was hilarious. Cool gameplay and that two people can play at the same time. Very relevant to today. I only found one thing with Trump’s hair – using it multiple times would not deal any damage, only the first time. Not sure if intentional but I couldn’t tell. Otherwise awesome – the pixel art is spot on with the candidates.

  2. Daniel Duarte

    Since it’s a two player game, the controls for both players should be on separate sides of the keyboard. Also, I think it should have an animation when the character gets hit

  3. Abigail

    Cool idea! The art style is great. Adding sound would be awesome. If there was supposed to be a menu screen at the beginning, it didn’t work. It seems tricky controlling two characters at the same time, but for a two payer game that works.

  4. Kewa Jiang

    Trump’s hair was the best part. You guys probably haven’t added the sound effects yet but I think it’d be nice to add some in the final game.

  5. Michael Motley

    I noticed a couple of control issues early on. First, some keyboards only have the control key on the left, or have them on both sides, so player 1 can mess with player 2’s controls. Also, in most web browsers, control+=some key serves a specific function. For example, on Chrome, control+s saves the page, control+f searches the page, and control=d creates a bookmark. So, if player 1 moves while Player 2 does their special attack, the game will be interrupted with a save dialog, or the bookmark-creating dialog, etc.
    I’m also unclear on the function of the shield; nothing seems to happen when the shielding key is pressed.
    When one player wins the game, it’s also not said which player has won.
    The art assets seem to be well-designed, and I really like the choice for the characters’ special moves.

  6. Daniel Bean

    I love the art in this game and the idea. The special attacks are awesome also. The main thing I would change is the use of Control as a key for Bernie. While pressing control, player 1 enables a lot of different commands for bookmarking, search functions, and other stuff when pressed at the same time. And while spamming special moves seems to be the best option, control is not. Otherwise, very good game!

  7. Michaela

    Great concept, awesome artwork. If there is any way you can make the controls a little simpler (maybe less keys? use the mouse?) I think that could help.

  8. Andreea Rotaru-Barac

    Love the art and animation of the characters’ attacks!

    As many others have said, adding sound effects to attacks and such would make the game more dynamic, as well as a title screen.

    For Bernie’s special move, perhaps use the “/” key instead of Control so it’ll be on the same side?

    I would also personally love to see another character added with a character selection sheet, and maybe a background selection as well?

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