1. Daniel Bean

    The art in this game is amazing. Nice work with the characters, the animations, and the backgrounds. The only criticism I have is that some of the music I must play is a bit rushed (i.e the bird part with HFK I think while getting chased by the bear). Also there is a lot of text on the screen at once in the village, but I’m sure that is an easy fix. Overall, very nice job!

  2. Brian Kelleher

    Cool art/sound effects. Also thought the gameplay was interesting for the setting. I couldn’t get past the river :/ I was pressing ASH and trying to jump over and whatnot, but nothing would happen. Also right at the beginning if you walk left, you get stuck in limbo. Cool concept though!

  3. Michaela

    I love the concept for this game. The background art is beautiful. I found that sometimes my character would just disappear if I went too far left or right (beginning of first level and the second level I just kept walking to the end of village area) so I would have to refresh and start over. I would also try and turn down the volume setting on the song on the second level, it’s just a little too harsh on the ears compared to the first song. I think that changing the font and layout of the text would really help the appearance, so it blends in rather than is just “there”.
    Great game though!!!

  4. Kewa Jiang

    The song feature is pretty cool and I like it. However I wish there was a better indication of when to use what song. Also if there’s something to keep track of the songs that would be pretty neat.

  5. Michael Motley

    I really like the concept for this game, and the art and music seem to lend to it well. There were a couple of issues I ran into while playing. First, if you go left at the start of the stage, you fall off the stage and just can’t do anything, and you don’t die. The first section with the falling sticks is also frustrating, since the sticks never seem to line up nicely.
    I also took a while to figure out that the songs were played by pressing all of the buttons together; you had to press A S and H together as opposed to A then S then H, as if you were really playing on an instrument.
    After that, the game seemed to progress nicely (although I’m not sure if there’s a way to do anything in the fire level). I had a bit of trouble remembering the spells, but that may have just been my poor memory. It might be a good idea to look into some form of spellbook for the player however, to remind them of which key combinations do what. Otherwise, people like me may end up writing their own list to finish the game.

  6. Charlie Hildner

    I really liked the idea for the game and the character animations were fantastic. There were a couple glitches here and there, like at the start of the game if you go left. Also I noticed that the music was a little off at some points. However, this is a very deep and thought out game with a lot of cool features.

  7. Andreea Rotaru-Barac

    Amazing art and backgrounds, and lovely music.

    Is there a glitch with the spells? I found that in most cases, you didn’t need to use any spells (for example, in the first level with the door, you could just jump over it).

    Additionally, a spellbook to record spells and their keys for future uses would be great!

  8. Ben Chason

    Great use of audio in gameplay. I like that the different tunes create different reactions. The only thing that I would change is the text. It should only appear when the actual person is talking or when the player reaches that specific point. Otherwise very nicely done and intricately made.

  9. Daniel Duarte

    I like the art and sound, but couldn’t past through the river even playing the correct song, maybe you could also add some balloons indicating who is speaking

  10. Lauren Pfahler

    I LOVE the art!! Fun game! I also like the music 🙂 This would be a perfect mini clip game

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