1. Brian Kelleher

    This is really awesome. Great job on the artwork, functionality, and puzzle aspects. Thought i was playing something on addicting games or the like. I couldn’t find much wrong with this game, possibly just the ending when it abruptly ends, I just couldn’t tell the game was actually over. Awesome though.

  2. Abigail

    Really fun! Everything seemed to work really well (no glitches). I liked the background track. The sound effects were good, and it was fun to play. It would be neat if you could control the player on the end screen too.

  3. Charlie Hildner

    This was an awesome game overall. I thought the speech bubbles were very clever and the item pickup was also very unique and interesting. I thought it was very cool how the game utilized the warp idea and the save feature is also very awesome.

  4. Michael

    This game is amazing and the people who worked on it totally deserve all sorts of awards. This is my unbiased perspective.

  5. Ben Chason

    Very complex! I like it! Its a game unlike any game i’ve played before. I did get stuck after picking up the guy that follows you. There is a soldier that I can’t get past and no way to go back to other doors. I dont know if I maybe missed something but thats really the only problem I had. Everything else works really well and looks really nice.

  6. Andreea Rotaru-Barac

    I magically somehow got past that last part before the ending after about 20 tries.

    Everything about this game was spot-on, from the art to the music to the mechanics.

    I don’t really have complaints about anything, but I guess some small changes you can make are maybe adding a title screen?

    Also, was there supposed to be an idle animation for the first companion? He seems to always stay in a running animation.

  7. Daniel Duarte

    I really liked this game! The sound and gameplay are amazing, and you guys did a complex game in this amount of time. I just want to suggest more animation frames for the other characters

  8. Lauren Pfahler

    This is an awesome concept! I think spending a bit more time on animation would have been cool, but I think that this is a fun game and really interesting. Its like a mini, more simple, Sims with a twist.

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