1. Brian Kelleher

    Quick game but the concept was really well implemented. Totally threw me off when you could endlessly fall through the bottom and appear at the top. Gameplay was really fluid. My game on Chrome showed in a small corner of the screen instead of full size, but this might be intentional. Just wanted to point it out. Art and music fit nicely. Good job!

  2. Abigail

    Really pretty! The mechanics work well-it’s challenging that you have to completely avoid enemies, instead of having the option to destroy them. I like the sounds – maybe the background track should change per level? At the end of the second level, there was no score page, and you could still hear the little dude jump.

  3. Daniel Bean

    I love the sound and the music, and the speed component of the game. I also like that infinite falling is a major part of the game. The parallax with teh background and foreground also adds a really nice look and depth to the game. I would only work on making the levels a little more dynamic and more of a puzzle to complete. Overall, very good game.

  4. Kewa Jiang

    I know there are only two levels right now so I won’t comment on layouts since it’s still pretty much intro. I wish there was a sound effect for the tiles changing color that would look pretty cool. Overall good job~

  5. Michael Motley

    This is a really cute, simple game that I’d love to see more levels for. The music also seems to match up with the game well.
    I ran into issues turning the spiky blocks though. When the spikes are coming up from the ground, the block underneath it can only be turned from the left side; if you try to come from the right you’ll die and the block will not be turned.
    Also, the purple enemy was confusing. Since the idea of the game was to turn all purple things green, I kept trying to jump on it or run into it to turn it green, and dying in the process. If you can’t turn the enemies green, it may be a good idea to make them a color other than purple, so that it’s clear to the player that they don’t have to turn them.
    It’s also not clear when the game is supposed to end; the screen just abruptly turns black

  6. Michaela

    I love the art and the music. The only improvement I can think of would be maybe to slow the character down slightly, if that’s possible. (If you’re going for a super fast paced game then, you should leave it because it adds difficulty).

  7. Charlie Hildner

    This is definitely an awesome side-scroller game. I thought it was really cool how creative the idea and the character is. I also thought the scenery and background were very fitting. Overall it was a very fun and well thought out game. With maybe a few more levels it has the potential to be something even more amazing.

  8. Ben Chason

    Very interesting and unique game! I like that Darf can fall through the bottom and come back into play from the top. That’s a very individual mechanic and it makes your game different. Also the warp mechanic is neat. I think the game should take up the full screen and also it needs a title screen and nice fonts to specialize the game.

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