1. Kewa Jiang

    I think you guys might need a checkpoint or something in between levels since I think you die pretty often. It get’s a little bit frustrating at the end when you’re close to the next level or almost out of there. Also I think it might be cool if you guys can add like some bonus/level up items to increase the stats of the balloon even just temporarily.

  2. Abigail

    Good game! I had trouble getting through it, I died a lot. The mechanics work well. Adding sound and maybe a more developed art style for the balloon man would be nice to see.

  3. Michael Motley

    The art style of the game is very consistent (although a bit depressing, which is probably the idea). My only recommendation for art would be to consider making the balloon wider. Right now, even when you’ve gone up as much as possible, it still looks a bit deflated and sad, not particularly round or balloon-like.
    Adding checkpoints would also make the game much less frustrating. Players have to go through the same section over and over again and it all starts to blend together. Then when they beat a particularly difficult section, they’re rewarded with another difficult section and, if they fail, a trip back to the beginning of a game.

  4. Daniel Bean

    I love the challenge in this game, even though it was very frustrating. I think the slime is OP and its shot should be slowed down a little bit + gravity to give Balloon Man a chance of escape. I am excited to see the final product of this game.

  5. Michaela

    Maybe it’s just me that’s struggling but I’ve died over 50 times and I didn’t even get past the rat/first 2 spikes on the left wall…Maybe if you can provide a little more of an explanation or clues of how to succeed that would help.

  6. Andreea Rotaru-Barac

    This is definitely a challenging game. I’ve died many times and couldn’t get past the first level.

    I agree with adding checkpoints throughout the levels!

  7. Charlie Hildner

    The overall idea for the game is very cool. I think that the dark scary sewer feel is definitely there and the choice of certain assets definitely helps that. In my opinion I think that the balloons energy goes down too fast. I found it very hard to complete some obstacles because I was always running out of energy . The balloon also looked a little too skinny and not very balloon like, but I think that some squash and stretch might personify the balloon even more.

  8. Ben Chason

    Very cool concept. I like the way the game flows. It makes a lot of sense and is very easy to grasp. I would make some of the artwork and fonts more specialized and maybe also put some nice sounds in. I really enjoyed playing this game.

  9. Lauren Pfahler

    This one took me a second to understand but I it was a cool idea… It reminds me a little of an original mario. It would be cool to have some happy music and some sounds effects to go along with it.

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